Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy World Food Day

Hubby and I started watching the Food Inc. film on DVD I scored at Winners for $4.99+tax on can't remember if it was Friday or Saturday and then most of it yesterday after church.

Amazing fact we learned from the video :

Presently 75% of all hamburgers use a filler with ammonia to combat E. Coli in the ground beef. Pretty soon it will be in 100% of all hamburgers. Gross! No wonder why burgers at Fatburger tastes like cardboard with sauce.

I was going to show a screenshot of what the filler look like (frozen cardboard pulp I'd say) but Blogger keeps saying my post is over 1MB and needs to be "abridged".\

Then I was tidying things ups and noticed on my Mom's Ultimate Family Fridge Calendar 2012 that it was World Food Day (U.N.). What a perfect day to watch Food Inc.! Btw, I scored this calendar at Walmart back in late August at around 30% off the printed suggested retail. I like that large format and stickers and illustrations. One of the those things that sure adds to the charms of motherhood. I have mine resting on the countertop leaning on backsplash since it doesn't fit on my fridge.